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TravelOrama organizes flexible morning or afternoon private tours designed to match your personal interests and requirements for you and your friends or family.

There is no need to wonder what to do in Athens. We have put together some private tours to help you choose what to see in Athens. Our licensed guides will take you on a journey back in time to learn about the land where the Western civilization was born!

The birth of Democracy: Visit the Acropolis of Athens with all its monuments and the Ancient Agora. Learn about the development of culture, art and science as results of the Athenian Democracy and learn what the factors that triggered its birth were, how it was operating and what are the connections and differences with the modern-times democracies.

Acropolis & Acropolis Museum: The new Acropolis Museum exhibits artifacts and statues from the Acropolis and the Erechtheion, the marbles of the Parthenon Temple and many other treasures of different time periods of Ancient Athens.

The tour will continue to the Archaeological site of the Acropolis, visiting the Theatre of Dionysus, the Asclepius Shrine and the Acropolis with the Parthenon Temple, the Erechtheion, the Nike Temple and the Propylaia.

City walking tour & Acropolis: Learn about the city by visiting many Athens attractions and places of great significance such as, the Parliament, the National Gardens, the Panathinaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place, the Temple of Zeus and of course, the landmark of Greece, the Acropolis of Athens!

National Archaeological Museum: It is the largest museum in Greece. Its collections exceed the 11,000 exhibits and tell the story of Greece from 5000BC to 300AD. Almost the entire Greek mythology is depicted on vases, statues and artifacts discovered during excavations throughout the whole Greek land. Prehistoric period, the Mycenean Civilization of the Trojan War, the culture developed in the islands of the Aeagean Sea thousands of years BC, everything is here! A museum worthy of a visit.

Benaki Museum: The Benaki Museum is one of the oldest museums in the city and was established by the Benaki family. The exhibits consist mostly of prehistoric to 20th century pieces of art, all belonging to the personal collection of the Benaki family. A “must see” museum for the fans of art!

You are interested in something more special? Feel free to create your own custom private tour with the itinerary of your preference! We will be glad to help you design your own private tour, inside or outside Athens, and provide you high quality services of TravelOrama.

We specialize in custom made package tours including accommodation, transfers and excursions for as many days as you desire.

Send us an e-mail of your request and leave it to the TravelOrama team to arrange an unforgettable private tour for you. You will receive a proposal from us within 48 hours